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Veteran Owned Business Certification
Disadvanted Business Certification

A Legacy of Leadership and Support for Veterans

Corban J. Hairston is a distinguished veteran who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. With a notable career spanning seventeen years in law enforcement, Corban held various crucial roles, including Correctional Officer, Boot Camp Drill Instructor, Recruit Training Instructor, Physical Fitness Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Patrol Officer. His journey in the military and law enforcement wasn’t just a job; it was a testament to his exceptional leadership and dedication.

Corban's commitment to supporting his fellow veterans has become the cornerstone of his vision for Hairston Trucking Logistics, LLC. Drawing from his military background and vast network of connections, HTL offers life-long career opportunities both Veterans and Non-Veterans, in the realm of commercial truck driving.

Corban understands the challenges veterans face when transitioning back to civilian life. His mission is not just about providing jobs; it's about creating a pathway to financial stability and personal success for those who have valiantly served their country. Through his extensive connections within the Veteran community, Corban builds robust relationships, offering mentorship, training, and the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

Hairston Trucking Logistics stands as a testament to Corban's leadership and expertise. With a focus on timely and cost-effective trucking services, HTL has become the trusted choice for businesses nationwide. Corban's educational background in Christian Studies and Theology enriches HTL’s foundation, emphasizing ethical practices and compassionate service in every operation.

Corban has a Bachelors in Christian Studies and a Masters Degree in Theology which he obtained from Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois. He has received training and is Certified as a Crisis Intervention Officer, Mental Health Awareness Professional, Psychological First Aid Training, and an Ordained Crisis Chaplain of Houston, Texas.


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